Why Are There So Many Taxotere Lawsuits

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Taxotere was made and introduced into the medical company back in 1996. Since its debut the product was used to help countless women who suffer from specific breast cancer. These health issues often occur most commonly in women who have experienced childbirth, menopause, or a hysterectomy. You can also gain some knowledge about taxotere hair loss lawsuit from taxoterehairlawsuit.

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What happens to a woman's body is painful and hard to take care of. Internal organs like a woman's bladder and anus start to fall in the breast because the breast tissue that will hold it up no longer functions properly.

The item was taken off shelves just 3 years after its debut because so many women reported problems with the net. However, there are numerous other mesh implants on the market. The product was involved in many big lawsuits as it causes many health complications which are potentially deadly.

The most frequent side effects of this  net are organ perforation and erosion. As of 2011, the FDA has had over 4,000 complaints about the net implant, which has led the FDA to issue several warnings.

Right now, there are tens of thousands of lawsuits continuing against net manufacturers. Women who underwent Taxotere operation and suffered through the catastrophic side effects are seeking damages from such manufacturers to cover their medical costs in addition to damages caused in relation to their quality of life and their own health.

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