Types of Kids’ Swimwear

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Similar to adult swimwear, there are different types and styles of kids swimsuits available in the market. Purchasing swimwear for kids is more time-consuming and difficult than for adults. Moreover, kids need new swimsuits more frequently as they grow out of them quickly. For toddlers, you also have to ensure that the suits have enough space for swimming diapers.


Following are some types of swimwear that are specifically designed for kids and toddlers

1. Boys' Swimwear

Boys' swimwear options are very similar to men's. You can get swimming trunks, shorts or board shorts for boys. These are considered the best options out there. Make sure the swimsuits cover their legs till the knees so that they do not get any sunburns.  Also, ensure that you put good quality sunblock on exposed skin. The good thing is you can easily mix and match swimming shorts or trunks with any water-resistant shirt. It is preferable that the shirt has long sleeves as kids' skin is more sensitive than that of adults.

2. Girls' Swimwear

There is a huge variety of designer swimwear in two and one-piece swimsuit styles. But it is preferable to go with one-piece suits like a tankini as it provides with more coverage and lesser skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays.

3. Baby & Toddler Swimwear

Toddlers and babies' skin is even more sensitive so it can easily get sunburned. In order to protect them from harmful ultraviolet rays go with rash guard tops, hooded towels and a full-coverage swimsuit. To avoid any unwanted events, use a swimming diaper.

As kids easily grow out of swimwear go with one size bigger.

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