Treatment of Leucoderma Disease

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Leucoderma is a skin disease which describes the whitening of the skin. This is a state where there’s a loss of the skin’s pigmentation. Also called Vitiligo, Leucoderma generally manifests itself as white patches, or depigmentation, on their skin.

Effective Herbal Treatments-

In accordance with medical specialists, patients that are afflicted with this skin condition. The individual need to be strictly kept on a salt-free diet, since the lack of sodium in the diet helps to accelerate the recovery period.

 Patients are also advised to avoid excess exposure to sunlight and heat, as well as prevent too much mental and physical stress.  You can also look at this website  to know more about leucoderma treatment.

One of the herbs that Are helpful in treating this skin disease are:

– Turmeric and Mustard Oil

These herbs have also been found to be successful in treating this skin disease.

– Radish Seeds and Vinegar

The glue derived from combining radish and vinegar are proven to help alleviate this disease.

In addition to the above-mentioned herbal remedies, patients must also make it a habit to drink fruit or vegetable juice for a week, and later adopt a diet comprising f fresh fruits, steamed vegetables, and bread, to ensure rapid recovery and total recovery of the white patches.

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