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There are lots of available types of pipe to the pipefitting trades. I’ve worked with them all. From black steel to blue brute underground piping, you name it and I have installed it at one time or another around the Los Angeles area.

Even though you may think when you have seen one kind of pipe then you’ve seen them all, think again. The incorrect pipe installed in the wrong place can spell structural and financial disaster in just a couple of short months. If you want to get more details about Plumbing then you can browse the website-

Black Steel – the standby for gas and irrigation lines. This sort of pipe is available in varying wall thickness, known as “program”. The standard thickness of black steel pipe is schedule 40, which is more than enough steel to permit for machine threading. Black Steel piping can never be used for water distribution lines; it’s used primarily for gasoline lines and for automatic fire protection systems.

In recent decades, the high price of steel has spawned a thinner program pipe which is less costly to manufacture but nevertheless allows for machine threading. While the thinner program piping can save on material costs (particularly when installing a new system at a high-rise construction or equally large construction), there have been several cases when the thinner piping couldn’t handle machine threading and finally had to be uninstalled due to leaks or pipe ruptures.

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