The happy slob’s easy 3-step cleaning option

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Now, should you’re anything like me, you’re the type of happy go lucky person who enjoys sitting at a groovy coffee shop having a fantastic cup of java in hand, viewing all the interesting people stroll by. You’d rather do this — or anything else — than doing the house cleaning! For years, i felt the same way. However, when i could no longer endure it anymore, i decided to come up with an easy way i could clean.

How can i wash the house nicely, only without wasting all of my precious time? I was a creative type after was a lot more worried about writing or photography than scrubbing the horrible toilet.

I came up with a straightforward 3-step remedy to finally solve the bother of housecleaning. In case you’re a ‘happy slob’ like me — just a laid back, fun natured person who is unconcerned, not unmotivated — then it might be exactly the way you’ve been on the lookout for.

The solution simplified:

1. Two daily cleaning pops. What’s a cleaning burst? A cleaning burst is an extreme burst of energy that you use to acquire the maximum cleaning done in the minimum amount of time. You do one cleaning burst in the morning and one in the evening. You determine how much time you’re able to budget for every burst. Just five minutes? Fine! In case you’ve got twenty, great! Use a timer to keep track, and when it rings, you’re done. During your cleaning pops, do all the tidying you can in the allotted time — and also do your impact places first (the areas that folks see the most in your house. )

2. 1 daily focus room: the daily focus room is an area in which you do more cleaning. Make a list of focus rooms that includes storage areas. I urge 10-15 minutes every day on your focus space, but if you don’t have that much time, then only spend the time you are able to afford. If you have more hours, then go for it!

3. One per week clean-for-all: one day per week, you and the household finish up the rest of the housecleaning which didn’t get done during the week. Keep track throughout the week of places that need more work throughout your clean-for-all. Assign activities to all members of the household. Again, set a time budget and use your timer to adhere to that budget. Anything which doesn’t get done this week can get done next week. Reward everybody in the household for helping out.

Why does this work? It’s simple, flexible, fast, and keeps you focused on the tasks at hand while you’re cleaning. Therefore, you get more done in less time — and you don’t have to stress about cleanup anymore. Do what you can, then carry on with your life.

Cleaning formulas

Cleaning formulas aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. You’d think, for example, that antibacterial cleaners are a happy slob’s closest friend. If it cleans and kills nasty bacteria, it must be good, right? Wrong-o my friend! In fact, these cleansers can make bacteria more resistant and cause even more harm in the long term. Plus, the compounds in many commercial cleaners are dangerous for our children and pets.

Instead, making your cleaner is simple, powerful and cheaper. Virtually any cleaner which you’re using right now could be replaced with a common ingredient in your pantry – vinegar! Yes, i understand, it does smell like pickles, but this material is masterful to wash the house. It kills germs, mold, and bacteria. Unlike bleach, it’s not harmful to your lungs when you inhale in. It’s non-toxic, so it’s safe to use around children and pets. And it really works — vinegar is marvelous to acquire windows streak-free clean, to wash the bathroom, floors, etc.. And to top it off, my really vinegar cleaner prices literally pennies a jar.

Here’s my favorite all-purpose cleaner that’s so simple and effective. I use it for just about everything, and you will too as soon as you try it.

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