Sleep Studies for Sleep Disorders

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Like sleep disorders, your physician will likely order a sleep study or polysomnogram. This typically involves one or 2 overnight stays in a hospital, sydney sleep centre or practice. The first trip is to collect information, the next if needed to have a trial conducted on the CPAP device or another remedy the health care provider will recommend.

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A polysomnogram (or sleep evaluation) is a multi-component evaluation that records particular bodily activities as you are sleeping.

It’s usually noninvasive and despite being hooked up to different electrodes I did not find it any harder than normal to sleep.

Sleep studies can also be carried out with the portable gear you are using in the home.

To get a test at a sleeping facility or hospital, you’ll be in a bedroom. Technicians join the surface electrodes for you until you sleep. The readings have been recorded during the evening. The information is examined and translated by the professional to ascertain whether you’ve got a sleep disorder like sleep apnea and if so to what level.

The recorded information will reveal how long you slept, the thickness and length of your sleep and how frequently you’re awake or upset. This information is generally expressed in events a week, or occasions per minute.

This test measures whether it is possible to remain awake through a period when you are normally awake.

When the physician suspects an issue with your own body’s inner clock (circadian rhythm), then you might have a test. With this particular test, you put on a device in your wrist which looks like a watch. The system measures your motion during walking and sleeps intervals. It helps your physician learn what times throughout the day you’re active and when you’re not.

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