Significant Points Of Being A Bangkok Web Developer

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Have you got a website for your company? If the response to this question is ‘yes’, it is very likely you’ll have had to work with a web programmer at some stage during its creation.

Sometimes customers will be asked how satisfied they were with the support offered by their developer. And the replies given show that there’s a fairly strong divide – customers either love their programmer or can’t stand them. So, what can you think of your programmer?

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Most customers really dislike their web developers and aren’t afraid to make some rather unsavory remarks about them, from asserting that they had been “taken for a ride”, which they had been completely overwhelmed by the jargon used, and that their expectations are raised over what the team managed to deliver.

So, what do web developers have to say in reaction to the negative opinions held by their customers? In many respects, programmers are in fact completely unaware that their customers are so dissatisfied with the services they’ve received.

Others are going to have quite negative opinions of their customers they’ve worked for, asserting that they had no clue what they were doing, they don’t know the procedure in any respect, they never supply the ideal information, and they keep changing their minds.

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