Parental Support For Those Of The LGBTQ

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Well, it was about time, huh? We did wonder how long were the older generation going to let that stick stay up their butts. Knowing that there is indeed in fact, hope for the younger ones in the future is heartwarming. Because after all, we all cannot control our own feelings and what we want and love, right? People should understand and respect that, not ridicule them for liking something that was beyond their control. So we are glad there is LGBTQ Parent support in San Rafael CA.

Gay Pride has become very much known as you may have already been aware of. And spreading awareness about this and that, yes, gay people exist out there and that no, they are not deviants or crazy beasts but regular human beings like you, is finally happening. Seriously, who is still out there being a homophobic douchebag?

Well, let us tell you, buddy, that it has already been proven that all of us are gay and we are not aware of. Maybe it was something back in your kid years or a random and small thought about a cartoon, that counts. And therefore, you are part of the community that you so hate and despise.

Parents of this generation, typically the new ones who just became parents just recently, already know and are aware of the change in this world. As much as all of them sound like social justice warriors, maybe it is a little bit better if they raise their kids in a politically correct way, even if it can get completely obnoxious.

As we all already know, justice warriors are more talk than these guys acting. They screech online and defend everything and get offended of just about everything even if there was really no harm in there. Yes, they exist and if you are not aware, then you have been living in an internet version of a rock.

But as annoying as those people are, maybe that can be great. Just a little bit. They literally ARE spreading awareness as much as they can. It is all in the way they want to prepare the world for when they give birth to their possibly gender neutral babies. Or Theybies as they actually are called these days.

It does not really matter if the whole thing is ridiculous or not, because if these people are making a point to change our world, then people should really just shut up and accept it. What does it matter if they want to raise their kid like that? sure, there might be bullies involved if that continues but then again, SOMEONE has to start the change.

In retrospect, maybe it is not so much as a good idea because our world is still basically a crappy place to be in. Even Ryan Higa expressed his thoughts about Theybies back then and he really did not like the thoughts of bullies going after a kid just because they are still trying to figure out their gender and preferences.

But parents are there to support them and love them no matter what, right? As they should be. Shame on the ones who still cannot accept their kid for who they are.

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