Mandalay is a Buddhist Holy Place and Also a Tourist-attraction

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Mandalay is the last capital of the dynasty, plus it has regarded the grandeur of this previous king of Myanmar. There are the various ancient capitals of Myanmar but the Only Mandalay is well preserved.

Mandalay is having a very simple culture, Buddhist holy place, and a great history.The day sunset, representing the early city of this turret, the manifestation of the serene like the mirror of this moat to create a beauty.

U Bein Bridge

Wu Benqiao could be the planet’s longest teak bridge, even that the initial bridge of this timber from the demolition of this aba palace.

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Wu Benqiao can also be referred to as the “love bridge” Burmese, Burmese love, should come here tens of thousands of kilometers to bridge, beg to both types of stability and mutual esteem of their soul.

The ideal time to stop by Wu Benqiao could be your day, where’s your ideal location to see the Sun Set. To know more about Myanmar private tours (Also known as “ทัวร์ส่วนตัวของพม่า” in the Thai language) get the details from reliable sources.

Mandalay Hill

Mandalay Hill occupies the maximum point of Mandalay features a strong Buddhist taste. Legend of the calendar year 2000, Buddha Sakyamuni summoned the disciples to preach the Dharma, ever since afterward, for the pilgrimage of tourists and believers last.

Mahamuni Paya

Mahathir pagoda, also referred to as the “big pagoda”, located at the southwest of Mandalay, is now just a Buddhist sacred property, is Mandal one of the very lucrative locations, specialized in this statue of Mahathir, according to legend to its Buddha personally opened.

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