Different Types Of Bolts

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A  bolt used in a number of applications. It’s nothing, only a kind of threaded fastener, which can be either manufactured from metal, wood, iron, plastic or steel. Industries including mining, agricultural, construction, transportation, and several others are using different kinds of bolts in accordance with the need of the application.

The Stainless steel Wing bolt (which is also known as in the ‘สลักเกลียวปีกสแตนเลส‘ Thai language) can be found in many different dimensions, design, and layout which might confound the purchaser to make a perfect decision concerning its purchase. Do not be confused, here in this article; we’re going through from fundamental of its types with their use which helps you to have a perfect decision. So, scroll down and look below to learn more about it.

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Hex Bolts: Among the most popular and highly demanded of its kind is Hex Bolt. It gains its popularity due to its shape that could easily match any application need. It used in nearly every application and generally composed of steel grades. As these are quite simple to install and remove, therefore, they could mainly utilize in the building procedure.

Carriage Bolts: it’s one of the widely used attachments, which have a level surface with a smooth and curved head. These are highly demanded because once they have installed, so, they’re extremely tough to remove even with many different tools. Thus, these carriage bolts mainly used for permanent seals.

Stud Bolts: These kinds of bolts primarily utilized in the petrochemical industry for flange connections. A stud bolt is threaded headless fasteners, which are highly demanded in an assortment of applications, particularly in chemical businesses.

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