Choosing the Best Design for Your Website Content

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How to Decide Which Website Design Technique Will be Right for Your Website

What would be the right thing to do, develop a multiple-page or a single-page website? If you are facing this question then the details we will be sharing in the following sections will help you make the right decision, both from design and SEO perspective. So, let us delve into the details in the following sections.

Which Type of Site Design Will be Right: Multi-Page or Single-Page Site Design?

Let us first look at pros and cons of single page websites before examining advantages and disadvantages of multiple page sites.

Single Page Websites

Here, content is shown on a single page and user does not have to open several pages to view the content. Let us explore few of the pros and cons of this type of design strategy.
  • SEOYour visitors will be able to browse the site faster since they will not have to visit different categories on your site to view the content. Everything they want to see will be available on one page itself. This way, your site will provide the improved user experience.
  • Another benefit of having a single page site is that it works well on mobile devices. The reason is that mobile devices often have bandwidth constraints and a single page site means that there is no waiting time to view more content available on the site.
  • If your site has a lot of content then it will not be possible to display all the content on a single page. In addition to it, if the site content is divided into different categories then single page design will not be useful for displaying such content.
  • Similarly, your site’s SEO will get affected since you will not be able to use all the keywords for your site on a single page.

Multiple Page Websites

If you have a large site then a multiple page site will be the right option for you. Let us now go through pros and cons of using this type of design for your site.
  • Many users like the navigation system then see on most of the site and this can be possible in a multiple page site only.
  • Such sites are able to provide users with a visual map so that it becomes easier for visitors to understand how the site has been structured.
  • There is SEO advantage for these sites since there are individual pages for keywords you are targeting.
  • If your web design team is not experienced enough then they may well make errors while designing navigation system for your website. These errors, in turn, will make the website confusing as well as complex for your users to browse.

A Final Note

To summarize we will say that both single page, as well as multiple page websites, have their own advantages as well as disadvantages and your design team will have to closely analyze all your requirements to suggest a design technique which will provide desired results.

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