Best Beaches in Australia for Couples

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It’s not hard to believe that Australia has so many mesmerizing and quality beaches. Australians take pride in taking care of their beaches, making it clean and free of pollution. Couples wishing to spend their honeymoon in Australia must visit few of the beaches on offer.

1. Bondi Beach – It’s hard not to include this beach on the list. The atmosphere, surroundings, people and history, makes Bondi Beach one of the best. Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach is crowded with locals and travelers and has a few good cafes to spend a lazy day.

2. Main Beach –Byron Bay’s Main Beach has played a significant role in maintaining its quality. Modern cafes and bars are coming up every year increasing the popularity of Byron Bay. Main Beach is typically less crowded and attracts quite a few surfers.

3. 75 Mile Beach –Located on the Fraser Island, this beach makes it ideal for swimming and witness a few Tiger Sharks. As the name suggests, the 75 Mile Beach is one of the longest and expansive beaches, It truly is one of the finest beaches in Australia.

4. Mandalay Beach –Located 30min away from Walpole (small town), Mandalay Beach is an isolated beach making it beautiful because of the rugged and untouched nature of the coast. The beach gets the name due to a Norwegian shipwreck in 1911.

Australian beaches make it perfect as private beach honeymoon destinations for couples. 

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