Basic Information About Speed Reading And Some Methods To Do It

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There are many things that a normal person needs to do on an average day and sometimes there is not enough time for them. These might be related to their schoolwork or job which must be done as soon as possible specially when there is a deadline. That is why people are continuously looking for more ways of doing them faster.

These things basically include the need to read some documents, books or files to create a report or answer assignments properly. That is why some people are practicing methods of speed reading to make them finish their task as fast as possible. Doing this lets them cover all the necessary details they must learn in a shorter period of time.

But reading them simply in a faster way is not enough since you also need to comprehend them well to enable you to complete your tasks. An example of this is when presenting a report which you have not sufficiently prepared for due to lack of time. You may have read all the information required for it but you cannot explain them all properly.

Another example is when you are answering assignments and you only read them without being able to understand much of it. Doing this will make you reread the sources when you are unable to answer the questions presented to you. It would even be worse during an examination since you could not check your source again for the answer.

That is why knowing the proper methods and when to use them is essential to prevent any negative effects of this technique. This is because not all situations can be solved by just quickly reading all the words on your books or documents. There are times when you must understand and learn them properly since it helps you remember them even after some time.

Several methods are available for this technique with one of them being known as skimming which is a process involving searching visually the sentences in a page for the clues of their main idea. This is also done in reading essays and might mean checking for summary information in their beginning and ending. Then the first sentence of every paragraph.

Doing this lets you know if you need more information on them or not, determined by your purpose or questions for the task. This comes naturally for some people but is an acquired practice usually and more common with adults than children. Although you can cover more with this method, your rate of comprehension is lower.

Scanning is the other method where a person looks for information actively using their mind map that is formed through skimming. A mind map is the way of organizing details in a hierarchical and visual manner which showcases interrelatedness of each detail to retrieve them better and faster. These techniques are utilized through meta guiding the eyes.

Meta guiding is when you use a pointer or finder to guide your eyes visually for them to move faster. Using these techniques are helpful but they require a lot of practice. You may be having difficulties in the first few times of doing so.

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