An Efficient Solenoid Regulator

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Pilot-operated relief valves (PORVs) including a Spence E Valve are made to modulate pressure through a small opening atop a piston attached to a pipe stem. Exactly as with other pressure regulating devices, PORVs are meant for emergency relief through the incidence of overpressure. With that, boiler explosions and consequent machines destructions could be significantly prevented.

Such Solenoid Brass Valve (2 Way), 2 “ (which is also known as “โซลินอยด์วาล์วทองเหลือง(2ทาง) ขนาด 2นิ้ว” in the Thai language) valves are often wrapped by solenoid efficacy that basically works through the energizing signals arising from the pressure measuring systems.

For both liquid and gas solenoid regulators, an electric current controls the valve function based upon the frequency of its circulation. With that, they allow valves to supply automatic overpressure protection for specific pipe systems.

A solenoid is a coil which changes the condition of the valve. The electrical current runs through this cable coil; this makes a controlled magnetic field that dictates whether the valve will open or shut.

Since solenoid empowered devices like a Spence E Valve is also utilized to transfer both gases and liquids, they have a vast array of industrial applications. They may be used for irrigation, sprinkler, and other production systems.

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